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A.R.M.S. offers a number of commercial services ranging from changing light bulbs to full-service monthly plans.

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Our residential handyman services include many types of repairs for your home or rental property.

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If you are a contractor responsible for repairs on multiple retail properties, please click here!.

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We offer competitive pricing with all of our services and have many ways help save you money..

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If you would like to schedule an estimate or a repair or if you are ready to submit a work order, click here..

Our Commitment

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Arizona Rapid Maintenance Services is commited to your satisfaction.

Every time we enter an agreement with a customer, no matter the size of the job, we guarentee to give full attention to every detail of the job until completion.


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Arizona Rapid Maintenance Services offers flexibility in scheduling and payment options.

We understand that some jobs have unique circumstances and require unique efforts to go smoothly. We can work with your schedule and offer a broad range of payment options to help you get the task accomplished.